ACYD Founder Henry Makeham selected in the 2017 class of Asia 21

The Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit, part of the larger Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative, is the pre-eminent gathering of Asia’s most dynamic young leaders from every country and every sector in the Asia-Pacific region. The Summit brings together a core group of over 150 Asia 21 Young Leaders Fellows and delegates from Asia and the U.S, representing a wide range of fields, and all under the age of 40.

Understanding China’s Belt And Road Initiative

Understanding China’s Belt And Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is one of President Xi’s most ambitious foreign and economic initiatives. It reflects a combination of economic and strategic drivers, not all of which can be easily reconciled. There are strategic drivers behind China’s Belt and Road Initiative, but it is also motivated by the country’s pressing domestic economic challenges. The combination of strategic and economic drivers is not always easy to reconcile. In some cases, China’s strategic objectives make it difficult to sell the economic aspects of the initiative to China’s neighbours. The Chinese Government is keen to use the initiative to achieve important economic policy objectives, but some Chinese financiers and policymakers are cautious about funding risky Belt and Road projects outside of China, fearing poor return on their investments. Written by ACYD alumnus Peter Cai.

SPOTLIGHT: ACYD speaks with recently listed Forbes 30 under 30 and ACYD Alumnus Jill Xiaozhou Ju

Jill Xiaozhou Ju, an ACYD alumnus, was recently listed Forbes 30 under 30, a very significant achievement. Graduate of Peking University and Harvard Business School, Jill has worked in UBS in Hong Kong and Beijing, and is currently working at Greystar Europe managing a portfolio around 1Bn Pounds. Jill shared her story and motivation with ACYD organizer Mert Erkul recently, and here is their interview.