Phil Kingston: New operations firm goes for growth

Phil Kingston was an ACYD delegate in 2012.

Phillip Kingston, pictured with PK Clean CEO Priyanka Bakaya. Source: David Swan.

Phillip Kingston, pictured with PK Clean CEO Priyanka Bakaya. Source: David Swan.

A new operations firm is promising to shake up the technology-enabled growth services industry, with Trimantium GrowthOps already signing up one of the world’s largest consumer brands in its bid to outpace traditional professional services firms.

GrowthOps, the brainchild of founder and managing director Phillip Kingston, is billed as an entrepreneurial operations partner for organisations seeking to develop new products, services and growth strategies.

It’s a strategy that seems to already be paying dividends. GrowthOps launched in mid-2017 and now has five offices with more than 40 staff working in Australia and Asia.

Mr Kingston told The Australian GrowthOps was doing some particularly exciting work with two of the three largest insurance companies in Asia, in addition to one of the world’s largest consumer brands.

“Our work with these clients is all about positioning them for the future, including the provision of technology-based product design and development, systems integration, and brand strategy,” he said, adding consumers are more global and connected than ever, resulting in runaway expectations of products and services.

“This changes the nature of consumer demand and creates the space for global insurgents with superior solutions to enter local markets and for imitators to spin up local versions of global leaders,” he said.

Mr Kingston said GrowthOps operates in the technology-enabled growth services industry, a space he defines as the convergence of entrepreneurship, management consulting, advertising agencies and technology services.

“We believe that these industries are converging because major software and internet-based technologies are changing the way companies do business, and hire advisers to help them grow,” he said.

“Sophisticated foreign entrants such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber and Alibaba, as well as venture-funded start-ups, are forcing mature organisations to evaluate their technology and growth strategies.

“GrowthOps is working with companies to create new products and services, and help them grow. We then take those ideas from concept to reality.”

The GrowthOps board includes Australia Post Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Victorian Government’s Innovation Expert Panel, Dominique Fisher, who will serve as Non-Executive Chairman.

Ms Fisher said she met Mr Kingston while they were both serving as Non-Executive Directors of LaunchVic, the Victorian Government’s $60m start-up body.

“Our people are focused on building long-term value in our clients’ organisations. For our corporate clients, this includes the development of new, future-proof profit streams and breakthrough intellectual property that can enable them to thrive in uncertain times,” Ms Fisher said.

“We apply a recognised agile approach to problem-solving, not just in developing software solutions, but in solving real business problems.”

Meanwhile entrepreneur and investor Paul Mansfield and Non-Executive Director and former EY Executive Director Melissa Field have also joined the board.

Mr Mansfield, who also joins GrowthOps as Managing Partner, has founded and exited multiple technology companies, including Weblinc, which sold to Cloud Sherpas in 2012 and then sold to Accenture in 2015 while he was Asia Pacific Managing Director.

He told The Australian that a convergence of economic trends affecting Australia and Asia was driving demand for GrowthOps’ services.

“Local incumbents need a partner to develop product-level innovation and business units that can defend against these new threats. New entrants are seeking a partner to facilitate their market entry and interface with key local participants to maximise their chances of success,” he said.

“We are hand-picking proven entrepreneurs to come together to provide effective solutions that help companies and government organisations throughout Australia and Asia achieve quantifiable revenue and market share growth for our clients.”

Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer at eChoice Limited, Dustine Pang has joined GrowthOps in the role of Chief Financial Officer.

Kait McCann has joined GrowthOps as Head of Investor Relations, having previously worked for J.P Morgan in New York.

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