Miya Liu (2016 Delegate)

Exposure. Experience. Entrepreneurship – These are my key impressions about the ACYD 2016, which brought a group of excellent young talents from China and Australia from different walks of life together, each having his or her unique contribution of mind pumping into the great cause of the Australia-China relationship in a variety of aspects. I highly recommend ACYD for its richness of the content, the diversity of topics discussed, as well as the people-to-people connectivity created during the well-designed programs and provided by the alumni community for all these fantastic speakers, delegates and organizers.

William Zhao (2016 Delegate)

Enlightening, Transformative, and Phenomenal! The quality of ACYD is reflected not only in the comprehensive program,thought-provoking sessions and prestigious guest speakers, but also in very high calibre of delegates whose positive character fuels them in their extraordinary personal journey and whose leadership drives change in their chosen field in their 20s and 30s.

I cannot highly recommend ACYD enough as, most importantly, it has been enhancing the existence of human capital within the Australia-China youth community by providing alumni with life-long access to the broadest and deepest Chinese-Australia expertise of their peers passionate about creating blueprint for bilateral relationship between Australia and China.

Will Ewing (2016 Delegate)

The commitment of Australia's and China's youth to close relations between the two countries is so clearly reflected in the energy, optimism, candour and thoughtfulness which delegates (and organisers) bring to the ACYD.  With the bilateral relationship facing so many opportunities (and a few challenges), people-to-people links have never been more important, and the ACYD forges thousands of them every year.  The ACYD proves that the Australia-China relationship is about far more than trade dollars, and that diplomacy is not just the realm of diplomats.

Chloe Dempsey (2016 Delegate)

ACYD introduced me to individuals with a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge that is rare. To have a whole community of these individuals, sharing similar goals for the Australia-China relationship, was incredibly empowering to my own sense of purpose. I look forward to contributing to this relationship with a host of diverse peers who are open-minded, optimistic and dedicated.

Julia Gormley (2015 Delegate)

2015 delegate, Strategic Policy Division, Department of Defence. The 2015 ACYD was a mind-broadening journey of intensive learning, lively discussion and new friendships. I arrived expecting to meet young Australians and Chinese who wanted to contribute to a brighter future. Instead, I met a collection of young people who are already doing just that, showing great leadership in a remarkable range of ways. I returned from the ACYD feeling energised and optimistic about the future.

Richard Rigby (Executive Director, ANU China Institute)

Professor Richard Rigby Executive Director, ANU China Institute Professorial Fellow, Crawford School of Public Policy Associate Director, Centre on China in the World (CIW) ACYD was established to promote bilateral, institutional dialogue between Australia and China through both government and non-government organisations. ACYD has been remarkably successful in that regard.

Ren Jie / 任杰 (2013 Chinese Delegate)

ACYD is not only a five-day dialogue for me. It builds a lively Australia in my mind, bringing together good friends and distinguished academics to explore our future growth potential. During ACYD 2013, we had a tight but engaging schedule. Speakers shared wonderful ideas on various fields of interest to our two countries. Throughout the Dialogue it was always amazing to talk to the more than 30 delegates and organisers, who were from different backgrounds with unique experience.