2012 Joint Paper

2011 ACYD Summar Report

Since it’s inauguration in 2010, the ACYD has released a summary report containing the biographies of all the speakers, delegates and organisers, as well as what went on at the Dialogue. In 2012 the release of the 2011 Summary Report was combined with the ACYD’s submission to the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, co-authored by the delegates of the 2011 ACYD. The bilingual submission advocated the importance to Australia of developing a cohesive, long-term Austral-Asian narrative for the 21st Century and aimed to assist in identifying some priorities for action toward that end.

Following the success of the ACYD’s submission, the ACYD Executive Team has decided to make the release of a co-authored and bilingual Joint Paper a permanent fixture of the ACYD.

The 2012 ACYD Delegate’s 2012 Joint Paper will be co-authored by the Delegates and address the theme of the ACYD. Issues raised in the paper will also help inform the agenda for the 2013 ACYD. Moreover, it will be disseminated to relevant government and private stakeholders in both Australia and China. The paper will be launched in September 2013 in both Australia and China. Henry Makeham Signature Henry Makeham, ACYD Founder March, 2013