ACYD Alumni...where are they now? Andrea Myles

Andrea Myles

The 2011 Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) foretold a new chapter in my professional development. Being selected as an ACYD delegate was the first time I’d ever seen myself as a leader within the Australia China space. It was also the first time I’d encountered people of my own generation collectively acting as leaders and co-creating a new sort of dialogue between our countries. Since the ACYD, I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of co-founders and ambassadors on the Engaging China Project, a youth-lead social enterprise which ignites the idea of China in Australian high schools and is the funnel end of the Australia-China Youth Association Group. At present I’m acting General Manager of the Australia China Business Council, the premier business organisation dedicated to promoting business and trade between Australia and the People’s Republic of China. It’s very exciting to keenly observe the full spectrum of the AusChina trade and investment relationship across all sectors and craft big projects which both lead and support.

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