ACYD Alumni, where are they now?...周康/Zhou Kang



Zhou Kang was one of the inaugural 2010 ACYD Chinese delegates. Over the dialogue’s five days, Zhou Kang got to know leaders of different industries, experts and like-minded youth. After the dialogue finished, Zhou Kang chose to return to university, studying for an MBA at Peking University. At the same time, he was vigorously organising and participating in a set of Australian-Chinese cultural exchange activities, including the Beijing Forecast, Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA), and Beijing Lifelight Blind Centre volunteer project, and so on. In 2012, Zhou Kang became a part of the ACYD Organising Committee, and was a part of organising the 2012 ACYD. In 2013, Zhou Kang graduated from Peking University’s National School of Development without a hitch, obtaining an MBA. Zhou Kang then selected to throw himself into the internet and information technology venture sphere, devoting himself to creating a suitable ecosphere for Chinese-based entrepreneurs, and further creating a foundation for exchanges between domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Besides writing for technology blogs, he also feels strongly about organising internet industry events. Zhou Kang is currently working for Amazon China, and is responsible for business development.

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