ACYD is now on Weibo (微博) + Wechat Verification

ACYD Weibo

The Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) is now Weibo (微博). Become a guanzhu (关注, follower) today by searching "@ACYD中澳青年对话" in Sina Weibo. Also, to register for Wechat (微信), the ACYD needs your support! We need over 500 followers to qualify for an organisational account on Wechat. For those who have a Wechat account, please scan the special ACYD QR Code below. Go to 'Add Contacts' in your settings, press on 'QR Code', and then scan the QR Code below.

For more information on our Chinese social media platforms, please contact our Communications Coordinator, Christiana Liang on