Our Mission



The Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) aims to promote frequent and meaningful engagement between young adults in China and Australia who are interested in furthering Australia-China relations.

In his 2009 article, Dr. Stephen Fitzgerald (Australia’s first ambassador to China, 1973-76) highlighted the absence of – and a need for – more institutionalised dialogue between Australia and China through both governmental and non-governmental organisations.

The ACYD was founded to promote more sophisticated cross-cultural understanding among Australian and Chinese youth. The ACYD seeks to enhance Sino-Australian relations by bringing together key people from both sides to forge deeper connections for the future.

The main objectives of the ACYD are to:

  • Facilitate an understanding of Chinese and Australian culture and society;
  • Encourage talented youth to take an active interest in Australia-China relations;
  • Bring together Australian and Chinese youth from different sectors to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships; and
  • Encourage youth to seek employment opportunities in future business, research, NGO and/or diplomatic roles between Australia and China.

For more information about the ACYD, please feel free to contact us.