China University Media Union 中国高校传媒联盟

The China University Media Union is a communication and cooperation platform for media bodies in various Chinese universities. The Union was jointly formed by China’s most influential media – China Youth Daily and 63 Chinese leading universities. It is committed to the integration and sharing of university information resources, enhancing communication and exchanges between university medias, creating new communication capabilities and diversification of communication channels, and also serving the growth and success of university students.

There are currently 155 committee member universities in the Union, covering China’s most outstanding universities. More than 500 campus media have joined the Union. They have their own campus news websites, BBS, newspapers, radio stations, television stations and magazines. The official Union website – the China University Media Network – will be gradually developed into an ‘Opinion Leaders Club in Campus’ and the ‘Portal of Campus News.’

The Union comprises a Coordinating Committee, Academic Board, Student Presidium, and the Secretariat. The China Youth Daily is the Union’s permanent Secretariat. Currently, the Students Presidium consists of 19 members, who are representatives from outstanding campus media nationwide. The Union has held various activities, including ‘Dialogue with the World’ series, ‘Entrepreneurial Experience, the Graduate Employment Action,’ and ‘University Media Reporters in CPC and CPPCC.’

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