CHEN Sheng/陈胜 (2012 Chinese Delegate)

ACYD 2012 gave me an ideal opportunity to get to know more than 40 young people from different fields and industries. With ever increasing political, economic, educational, cultural, and NGO engagement between China and Australia, I learned about the issues that concern young people, what hopes they have for the future and what promises they will fulfil. I found the opportunity to speak frankly and sincerely with expert scholars and executives with long experience in Sino-Australian relations immensely beneficial.

I sincerely hope that ACYD will continue to grow, opening a new channel for communication and interaction between China and Australia and especially between the young people of the two countries.

2012 ACYD给了我了解四十多位来自各行各业年轻人的绝佳机会,通过他们进而知道了在日益增多的中澳政治、经济、教育、文化、NGO交往中,年轻人都在关注什么、他们对未来的世界有哪些期盼又在践行着哪些承诺。更重要的一点是,能够直接与ACYD邀请的二十多位长期从事中澳双边事务的专家学者、企业家进行开诚布公的交流,让我受益匪浅。