PODCAST: ACYD Chair Natalie Cope interview with ACBC

On this episode, we take a look at the Australia China Youth Dialogue or ACYD, which is the preeminent youth focused organization that promotes frequent and meaningful dialogue between emerging leaders from both Australia and China. Since 2010 the ACYD has sought to enhance Australia-China relations by forging networks between key and emerging individuals from both sides of the bilateral relationship to forge deeper connections for the future.

Natalie Cope discusses how the Dialogue got started, what goes on at each years annual gathering either in Australia or China, how delegates stay in touch and why a youth based people-people exchange summit is required in for Australia China relations.

Natalie Cope is a founding member and current Chair of the Australia-China Youth Dialogue. She has spent her career focused on enhancing Australia’s relationship with China and the Region. She is former CEO of Australia China Business Council NSW and was the Manager of Partnerships and Development at Asialink Business. She is currently Head of Strategy and Partnerships, Asia at Genesis Care. I hope you enjoy our discussion.

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