2011 ACYD Summary Report

2011 ACYD Summar Report

2011 ACYD Summary Report (PDF)

The Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) was inaugurated in 2010 by its founding organisations, the Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) and the China University Media Union (CUMU) to address the absence of formal institutional dialogue between the youth of Australia and China. Two years on, the ACYD has grown from strength to strength. Not only has the ACYD itself improved, but it has proved an influential model for other youth organisations, with 2011 being the inaugural year of the China-Britain Youth Dialogue and the Australia-India Youth Dialogue, attesting to the influence of the founding vision of the Australia-China Youth Dialogue.

We believe that institutionalised dialogue is of paramount importance in preparing youth leaders to effectively engage with their counterparts in what are two very different nations: economically, socially and politically. Managing these differences requires young leaders who have an understanding of each nation and the ability to mutually and constructively engage with one another in pursuit of a stronger, deeper and more beneficial Australia-China relationship. The ACYD Secretariat remains committed to this founding vision: bringing youth leaders together in an environment fostering mutual understanding, respect and future friendships to the benefit of the long-term Australia-China relationship. Henry Makeham Signature Henry Makeham, ACYD Founder

February 2012