ACYD Australia-China Youth Perception Poll

AYCD Youth Perceptions Poll

The Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) Perceptions Poll is designed to gauge young Australians’ attitudes towards a re-emerging China, and to assess what China’s expanding economy and military, cultural and scientific achievements, and increasing regional and international influence mean to young Australians.

Though other more in-depth polls have attempted to gauge Australians’ view of China, this national poll on young Australians’ perceptions towards a rising China is the first of its kind. This survey measures young Australians’ perceptions on the re-emergence of China in six key areas:

  • Economic development;
  • Society and culture;
  • Education;
  • Environment;
  • Global diplomacy and international relations; and
  • Perceptions of China

ACYD intends to conduct the Perceptions Poll in a few years time to again provide first-class data on young Australians’ attitudes towards China and vice versa, to inform the Australian Government’s policy approach to China, and to enhance mutual understanding between the two countries. Henry Makeham Signature Henry Makeham, ACYD Founder February, 2012