Julia Gormley (2015 Delegate)

2015 delegate, Strategic Policy Division, Department of Defence. The 2015 ACYD was a mind-broadening journey of intensive learning, lively discussion and new friendships. I arrived expecting to meet young Australians and Chinese who wanted to contribute to a brighter future. Instead, I met a collection of young people who are already doing just that, showing great leadership in a remarkable range of ways. I returned from the ACYD feeling energised and optimistic about the future.

Richard Rigby (Executive Director, ANU China Institute)

Professor Richard Rigby Executive Director, ANU China Institute Professorial Fellow, Crawford School of Public Policy Associate Director, Centre on China in the World (CIW) ACYD was established to promote bilateral, institutional dialogue between Australia and China through both government and non-government organisations. ACYD has been remarkably successful in that regard.

Ren Jie / 任杰 (2013 Chinese Delegate)

ACYD is not only a five-day dialogue for me. It builds a lively Australia in my mind, bringing together good friends and distinguished academics to explore our future growth potential. During ACYD 2013, we had a tight but engaging schedule. Speakers shared wonderful ideas on various fields of interest to our two countries. Throughout the Dialogue it was always amazing to talk to the more than 30 delegates and organisers, who were from different backgrounds with unique experience.

Mike Smith (CEO of ANZ)

When I first worked in Australia in the late 1980s, Australia’s then Prime Minister Bob  Hawke said that for the country to succeed it needed to be prepared to enmesh itself with the dynamism of our region, the Asia Pacific region.

Today, China is Australia’s largest trading partner, our largest export market, our largest source of fee-paying students and of tourists, and one of its largest sources of direct foreign investment.

Given the massive economic dependency Australia has on China, it’s clear from recent events that a more sustained effort has to be put into framing the relationship properly. To achieve this I believe there needs to be increased and sustained dialogue and engagement across all levels of society.

An organisation like the Australia China Youth Dialogue plays an important role in making that happen, and I applaud the initiatives that our young leaders have taken to develop China-Australia relations by bringing together key people from both sides to forge deeper understanding and connections for the future.

Clive Lee (2012 Chinese Delegate)

中澳青年对话”是一个无与伦比的活动!」这样说足以说明这是我参加过最高水平的国际青年会议! 一周的思想盛宴,让你身处世界的顶端,看到不一样的画面!你将遇见世界级的讲者, 如澳大利亚驻北京大使,联合国发展计划中国总监, JP Morgan中国全球市场董事总经理兼主席等. 内容广泛,从政治,国际关系,经济商业,文化艺术, 环境保育,能源,非牟利发展,社会创新等均一一涵盖.从他们对于中澳关系的宏观看法,并与之深入交流,你将得到无法想像的思想冲击,激荡和启发!我对于“中澳青年对话”的深爱还来自于中澳两方各个专业的代表,与其高水平的交流,分享大家的不同观点,信念与价值,如何达到协同效应.我們現在正在共同撰写一份文件, 希望可以启发未来中澳关系的友好发展!“中澳青年对话”不单是一个交流活动,而是一个共同探索的旅程,现在这个旅程才刚要 开始!

Jade Little (2012 Australian Delegate)

ACYD far exceeded my expectations. It was a thought-provoking five days that examined issues from politics, economics and law to culture and sports. This encouraged me to broaden my understanding of the Australia-China relationship, and inspired me to re-affirm my commitment to it. I cannot speak highly enough of the diverse range of speakers, delegates and organisers. While all incredibly intelligent and high-achieving, they were also a lot of fun (which lead to much sleep-deprivation as one would often go out in the evenings after a full day of dialogue). The locations selected and events organised were also superb: Capital M Restaurant in Beijing, Taichi in Jingshan Park, Chengdu Panda Base, Tainfu Software Park, the list goes on. I cannot recommend ACYD enough to any young person who has an interest in the Australia-China relationship. You will learn a lot, you will meet amazing individuals, you will make fantastic friends, and ultimately you will be inspired.