Tim Watts: 'Bringing people together': identity, racism and an Asian-Australian family

In a new book, Labor’s Tim Watts takes a political and personal look at Australia’s great achievement – ‘outgrowing its beginnings’. Tim Watts was a delegate of ACYD 2015.

Meet Elva Zhang | International education: broadening Australia's horizons

Meet Elva Zhang | International education: broadening Australia's horizons

Meet Elva Zhang. Originally from China, Elva is an Australian-qualified lawyer with a Master of Laws from Geneva, Switzerland. Elva thrives in multinational environment and her international experience proves to be a huge asset in the business world. Elva was also a delegate of ACYD 2014 and has been a long time contributor to the dialogue since.

The First Ten Years - ACYD launches book to commemorate its 10th anniversary

In 2019 the Australia-China Youth Dialogue (ACYD) celebrates its tenth anniversary. Since 2010 the ACYD has developed into a community of 300 Australian and Greater Chinese young leaders from a range of backgrounds. Increasingly, members of the ACYD community are moving into positions of influence across all sectors of society in Australia and China. As they do so, it is the hope of the ACYD team that they will continue to be active, visible and constructive figures in Australia and Greater China affairs.

We hope you enjoy the memories shared in this book.

Yu Tao (2019 Chinese Delegate)

Learning, analysing, and reflecting on the many vitally important issues concerning the future of mankind with a group of the best minds and souls from Australia and Greater China over four days is an experience parallel to none, and joining the wonderful ACYD alumni network is a great privilege with which come great opportunities and responsibilities for the further improvement of the Australia-China relations. The success of the ACYD is vivid evidence that sincere, constructive, and inspiring discussions can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and determination, even in a world which is increasingly influenced by the toxic politics of unilateralism and ultra-nationalism. I would unreservedly recommend the ACYD to all Australian and Chinese young professionals and emerging leaders who believe in the mission of making our world a better place.

Honor McLennan (2019 Australian Delegate)

The ACYD has distinguished itself as the preeminent leadership forum for emerging leaders in Australia-China relations and being selected as a delegate in the 2019 cohort, as ACYD marks 10 years, was a privilege. The forum expanded my understanding of the relationship, challenged my perspectives and introduced me to a network of diverse and inspiring delegates (who I now count as friends). I left the ACYD more informed, empowered and ambitious to contribute to the Australia-China relationship now and into the future.

Patrick Ingle (2019 Australian Delegate)

The ACYD gives young Australian and Chinese leaders a unique opportunity to explore some of the most interesting and challenging themes in our bilateral relationship. Many of the most engaging conversations I had were in coffee breaks or over the dinner table, where the ACYD's intensive nature really comes into its own. I look forward to ACYD's next ten years and its critical role in fostering debate between our countries.

Zhu Mei (2019 Chinese Delegate)

In a diverse, professional environment, ACYD provides delegates excellent opportunities to learn more about different perspectives of Australia-China relations, with meaningful conversations and insightful sessions. And I got the chance to meet top talents who inspired me with ambition and expertise. It’s a good place to initiate collaboration and try to brainstorm ideas for new concepts. ACYD is one of the best international events I’ve been to.

David Walker: Listening to China

David Walker grew up in small mining town in South Australia in the post war years. He became an academic in Australian studies, looking at how Australians have perceived Asia over the decades. In his childhood, Asia was thought of as a threatening and exotic place, looming over Australia. But at the same time, there were voices urging Australia to embrace its Eurasian future. Some years ago, David was appointed the Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University. When he took the job, he was almost entirely blind.